Proof-Reading & Editing

Does your essay need checking before you submit it?

Are you sure your publication is correct?

For a very reasonable price, I can help to end your worries and guarantee that your work is professionally and academically suitable. My prices are negotiable and very fair compared to other editors.

Currently working towards a Masters in Educational Studies, with a Bachelor’s Degree in History & a range of English teaching experience, I have the necessary skills to improve your work.


Normal-                             -10 Euros per 1000 words

within 24 hours-                 -15 Euros per 1000 words

This service covers all general proof-reading and editing.


If we agree that your work requires a large or complete re-write/edit we can work together to solve this and agree on a fair price.    

       Please contact me if you wish to know more or if I can help you.


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